#TeamCarryOn and the Mr. CarryOn philosophy has become a way of life for so many global travelers. We appreciate that they enthusiastically share comments and even pictures of their experiences!

  • Inspired by Mr. Carryon himself, Khalif Hayes, I'm all packed and ready to go to Costa Rica in the morning: (1) jumpsuit, (2) swimsuits, (2) coverups, (2) dresses, (2) capri pants, (1) crop sweater, (3) hats, (5) pair of shoes, (1) scarf, (1) beach towel, (2) tops, jewelry, makeup, underwear, sleepwear, toiletries, sunglasses, iPad, phone, wallet, passport - All of this fit in one carry-on backpack and my personal item tote bag. I still over-packed as I'm sure I could have left out an item or two, but I'm proud to finally be ‪#‎TeamCarryOn‬!!!

    Jeri Beckley Analytics Manager
  • Your videos sho' have convinced my that #TeamCarryOn might just be possible for me too. They had me all up in the Container Store inspecting & comparing, subsequently purchasing the Eagle Creek cubes last weekend! Congratulations Khalif Hayes!!!! And thanks for the helpful videos.

    Mocha Mosaic Member of Nomadness Travel Tribe
  • I'm a mom of two young boys. I love to travel with them but dread packing for them only because I hate the extra baggage. Thanks to Khalif Hayes and ‪#‎teamcarryon‬ I mastered this packing thang!!! I managed to get 1 full week of two children's clothes in one packing cube. I could have possibly squeezed my tees in here. I feel like a Super Mom today!! Many thanks! Now off to Puerto Rico.

    Bushara Malik Mother of Two
  • I'm going to Thailand in the morning for 9 days. With all of my traveling, I've learned how to pack where I just need a carryon. I use an underseater, which is smaller than a standard carryon. In my underseater below, I have 3 pairs of shorts, 6 tops, 3 sundresses, 1 bathing suit, pajamas, flip flops, sneakers (exercising doesn't stop!), toiletries, makeup, vitamins, first aid kit, an empty bag for shopping, my journal, a book, a coloring book, and 48 colored pencils! Thanks, Khalif Hayes, for teaching me how to pack effectively - regardless of where I'm traveling in the world and for an extended period!

    Cathleen Whitelow Corporate Communications Professional
  • Waiting at baggage claim because my colleagues checked luggage and we are sharing a car to the Bellagio for Virtuoso Travel Week. I know better. Khalif Taught Me. ‪#‎TeamCarryOn‬. I have clothes for the Hampton's, business meetings, cocktail parties and my Sensual Eroticism workshop all in a carryon. (10 days worth) Yall better learn that ranger roll and save yourself time.

    Sheena LaShay Writer, Artist and Producer
  • Ya'll I totally ♡ Khalif Hayes!! We had a consultation tonight about what I was packing for my upcoming trip and I'm pleased to say, my packing plan was ‪#‎mrcarryon‬ approved. It will be 30 degrees in Europe and 80 in Miami...I managed to pack for both and still remain ‪#‎teamcarryon‬.

    ‎Libryia Jones‎ CEO of My Wander Year