Pro Tips for Powerful Travel

To date, I have been to 40 countries and the list keeps growing. Along the way, I have picked up a few pro tips for travel that will make your adventures simple, purposeful and carefree. Be sure to follow ‪#‎MrCarryOnProTip‬.

Rio De Janeiro, Brazil

Liquids are typically limited when traveling with only a carry on. Consider purchasing products in solid form instead of liquid. It was SUPER hot in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, so I needed sun block. I opted for the roll on solid which gave me more room for other liquids in my carry on.

Public Transporation Abroad

Take public transportation when abroad, if possible. It saves loads of money and you get to travel with locals.

Dubai, United Arab Emirates

Make sure your clothes can do double duty! These swim trunks double as workout shorts. When you’re ‪#‎TeamCarryOn you gotta make some decisions sometimes lol.

Parklands, Nairobi Area, Kenya.

When traveling, it’s always a good idea to have a multiple outlet setup for your devices because you never know what the wall plug situation will be at your lodging.

Instead of buying a full size deodorant every couple of months (minimum), I bought this pack of 36 travel size deodorants in 2014 for $27 instead of about $48 over the course of the two years. Saved $21! And I’m always ready to go with my toiletries! And I’m still on this same pack! ‪

protips for travel -

Enroll in the TSA PreCheck program. It will save you loads of time! My Uber arrived at the airport at 3:21pm for a flight boarding at 3:30pm. I was out of security by 3:23pm and headed to my gate with time to spare. No need to take off shoes, jacket, or remove laptop or liquids from my carry-on bag. 

When you’re traveling #TeamCarryOn and the airline has a weight restriction be sure to know where you stand. This luggage scale is great and takes up very little room.

Visit other countries and take cooking classes. Great way to learn the culture, have a great meal, and be able to take a special part of the trip home.

Make sure to not only bring an adaptor but also that step down converter so you can still be great and use your clippers in a foreign land! 👌🏽 Otherwise, way too many Volts going into your electronic device and it will sound horrifically loud and possibly burn out.

This cup goes everywhere with me. Sitting on the balcony of my #AirBnb enjoying my music on my beats speaker (bought it in the Shanghai copy markets so who knows if it’s real but it’s lasted a couple years now so ) with a drink out of my adult beverage cup. This cup goes everywhere! Was last in Brazil serving me well!! Simple pleasures ….Its a lifestyle!