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My name is Khalif Hayes, and I am a Luggage, Packing and Travel style expert. I help you unlearn your slightly “hoarder” mentality when it comes to packing and travel. I teach you how to determine what is essential and necessary so that you have the best possible options in your life. I believe the goal is to minimize our stuff so that we can maximize our experiences!

My desire is for you to live carefree, simple and purposeful. I offer a simpler way of living, thinking, understanding, and just being! Why do we do the things we do? Why do we fall to pressures of the media and society? I believe we need to reject all of that and simply do what makes us happy! Your happiness is paramount in this short life we get. Two quotes to live by: Make it count & Go Do!

Throughout MrCarryOn.com, you will find informative narratives and feature stories on topics such as minimalism, packing, dream destinations, pro tips and more. You’ll hear terms like “packing cubes” and “Ranger Rolling” and “Travel Uniform.” When you are ready to take it to the next level, I offer consultations services, lead workshops, host events and present at seminars and conferences. Most recently, I was a featured speaker at the Nomadness ALTERnative Travel Conference of 2015.

You need to follow Mr CarryOn….Khalif Hayes. Khalif is a beast. He is known on the internet at Mr. CarryOn. He is the king of packing cubes. – Evita Robinson, Founder of Nomadness Travel Tribe

I am an ever evolving person. Mr. CarryOn is my latest evolution. In my former life, I was the Director of a Healthcare Organization. I recently switched my role to that of a Consultant, while simultaneously working on my Doctorate, so that I could travel around the world for a year via My Wander Year, which is a community of global citizens. In fact, I am the Director of Community Success!

Before signing on for My Wander Year, I was already a global citizen. Since 2009, I have been traveling the world at every opportunity. From booking first class tickets for a long weekend in South Korea to ridiculous $300 flights to Africa, I have been to 40 countries, and the list keeps growing. Traveling is the only expense that I have in my budget that enriches my life. Accordingly, I make it a point to have very few possessions, and I consciously live as a minimalist. Minimalism means different things to different people, but for me it means being able to pack up my entire life in one carry on suitcase and go! That may change in the future, but that is my life right now, and I LOVE it!

In the last few years, I have had to learn from trial and error. I used to pack huge suitcases full of “just in case” clothes. Eventually, I realized those “just in case” situations almost never happened. Through those experiences, my packing and traveling life began to transform. I’ve uncovered my formula and philosophy to truly being #TeamCarryOn. I am extremely passionate about sharing that with you as you travel throughout these pages.

I want you to live a more intentional and purposeful life. When you take less, buy less and bring less, you can just SHOW UP! I want you to calm down some of the chaos in your life. More than likely you have too much stuff at home. You are probably spending too much time trying to find the right outfit. What if there was an easier way to travel? What if I could help you pack light so that your life is light? I want to take any burdens off your shoulders that do not need to be there.

I do not live this way because I have to. I live this way because I want to. It’s more than packing. It is a lifestyle of living simple. It is Freeing! – Khalif Hayes, Creator of Mr. CarryOn

Here are some steps you can take towards your freedom today.

  1. Visit the MrCarryOn blog, where I share all sorts of tips.
  2. Explore some of my Dream Destinations.
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