What is Minimalism?

What is minimalism? Depending on who you ask you might get some very different answers!  To me, at the very core of the word, minimalism means to live a simple life. 

Minimalism means setting up your life so that you have less decisions to make.

One major example of that in my life is having a capsule wardrobe.  With my capsule wardrobe, instead of a closet overflowing with items that I rarely wear, I only have a small set of deliberate clothes that all mix and match together that I love to wear and feel great wearing.  How does that relate to minimalism?  Besides having a more simplified wardrobe than most, it also means that I avoid decision fatigue.  I’m not standing in front of my closet for 28 minutes every other day saying, “I don’t have anything to wear!”  In other words, my morning routine which includes the process of getting dressed is a simple experience for me.

Minimalism means having some restraint and not getting new things just because.

I deliberately do not go to malls or big box stores because there is temptation there.  How many times have gone into one of those stores for literally two items but come out having spent $150?  Have you ever asked yourself why?  Did you really need those items that you purchased?  I try to keep things simple by using what I have until its no longer any good or usable and then replacing it instead of having multiple of the same item.  This also relates to gadgets!  For example, I prefer to have a great knife that I can pretty much do everything I need it to do in the kitchen versus having 6 small kitchen gadgets that clutter up my counter space and cabinets.  To me, a simple and neat looking space also relates to peace of mind.  Having extra items also means paying for, taking care of, storing, cleaning, and maintaining those items.  The life cycle of those items mean a lot of work, time and money!  I like the idea of having just a few items and knowing exactly what I have and where it is.  Sounds simple, right?!
Some people will jokingly tease me that I wear the same clothes, especially tank tops, over and over again.  First of all, I’m so not bothered by those comments!  I would much rather enjoy wearing those tank tops that I love all over the world instead of having spent the same cost of my plane ticket for the wardrobe you have for whomever you’re trying to impress! Its simple to me and I’m getting to live the life that I want to live.
This post doesn’t sum up all things minimalism, however at its core what it means to me is one word.


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