My Round Trip New Zealand Flight Deal

At this point, getting a flight deal is nothing new for the smart modern traveler, as most of us are connected to some type of travel network. Between Nomadness, Up in the Air Life, Griots Republic, and so on, there are endless possibilities to get connected with the travel deal of your dreams.

Since most of us, myself included, have this deep wanderlust, we have learned to follow the flight deals instead of just creating a list of abstract destinations that someone told us would be a great holiday. For example, when an amazing flight deal came around and I had the chance to visit Nairobi, Kenya, which was my first time to Africa, I literally jumped at the chance. Kenya was nowhere on my list, although I did want to visit Africa. Previously, I had not considered Kenya and yet it was one of the best experiences that I have ever had. Aside from the amazing bonds that were formed on that trip with amazing friends, I was able to finally see Africa for myself. Needless to say, it was not what the media would lead you to believe it was. It was beautiful!

Throughout this year, there have been awesome deals to places like Colombia, Guatemala and many other places but I had not jumped on any of them. Then finally a deal was posted in April that I couldn’t pass up! At the time the deal was publicized, I was traveling for work in a hotel and I was up early around 4am. I was looking around in one of my travel groups online and kept seeing posts for this new travel deal to New Zealand.

Now, New Zealand wasn’t really on my list but I was very intrigued and interested in going. When I looked at the deal and saw the price I was instantly sold! The price from LAX (I live just south of Los Angeles in San Diego) was floating around $240 for a round-trip ticket from Los Angeles to Auckland with a layover in Sydney, Australia. I frantically began looking at dates and making sure I could find a date range that would work for me. I’m no stranger to solo travel but I did want someone else to take this trip with me, so I immediately texted one of my good friends. He and I had already traveled together to Mexico, Dubai, and a few other domestic places so I knew that he would be down.

He lives in Texas, so he was a couple of hours ahead of me and already awake. I told him about the deal and he was immediately on board. We both pulled out our laptops, calendars, and credit cards and went to work! We checked dates with each other making sure there were no major conflicts before finally settling on a date range that worked.

In the end, for two round trip tickets from Los Angeles to Auckland, New Zealand, the total was $580.52!!!!!!! Thats just $290 each! You seriously can’t beat that to travel that far. Oh, and not only was the ticket cheap but the airline is Qantas which is a great airline and happened to be a member of the One World alliance of airlines. Luckily I have status with that alliance so I was able to upgrade our seats to put us in an even better situation!

So on July 7, 2016 we set off on our journey to New Zealand for a week of whatever this new country may bring. Interestingly enough, it is basically winter in that part of the world (though summer in Southern California). This means I will have to update my travel uniform just a bit. Of course, I am still only using the clothes that I have in my capsule wardrobe. I am still making it all work and will be dressed warm enough by laying my clothes

Follow along as we take on this new adventure to New Zealand. I will be blogging and taking video to add to as one of the Dream Destinations. More to come!

Have you ever been to Kenya or New Zealand?

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