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I’ve traveled all over the world and have seen some amazing things!  I am not one to buy a lot of souvenirs. It’s the minimalist in me. However, there are always certain things that I see in each country that speak to me and really represent that particular country.  With this current trip that I am on in New Zealand, I am going to begin to curate and offer those items that speak to me as representation of each country.  I have plans to visit no less than 10 countries in the next year and will curate items from each of those countries.  The Carried Away Box will contain items that I personally seek out and collect in each country that I visit and send off to you! Continue to follow along on the blog and Facebook page as you might see some of the items that I pick up along the way.
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Official Product Description

Our Carried Away boxes are curated selections of surprise artifacts that represent the essence and spirit of each city in Mr. CarryOn’s global journey. Items are small, simple, useful and of value. This isn’t a trinket or key chain gift. We hope you enjoy a new country in every box, delivered with 5 to 7 uniquely curated products. Our practical sourced objects may only be available in each particular city and will allow you to journey there in your mind with Mr. CarryOn until you can physically visit yourself. Think body oils from the Far East, handmade soaps from Africa, or even sample beers/spirits/ wines from various regions.
Our New Zealand boxes are already available for purchase in the shop. You can order your box today and you will receive them after the trip is complete. Be sure to purchase your New Zealand Carried Away box soon. We are only offering 25 boxes and they are on sale for one day only!
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