Why a Capsule Wardrobe?

I must admit that because I’ve been obsessed with packing and being #TeamCarryOn for the last several years, I ended up watching a TON of YouTube videos.  Accordingly, I eventually stumbled upon the concept of a Capsule Wardrobe.  A capsule wardrobe can vary in size and some minimalists will say that it has to be a certain number of items.  I reject that!  For me, a capsule wardrobe is simply a small set of clothes that all mix and match well together so that everything does double duty.  In other words, every shirt or top matches with every pair of pants, shorts, etc.  Same for the shoes; there should only be a few pair and they should go with everything in the wardrobe.

After spending some time creating my own capsule wardrobe, there are a few notes of interest.

  • Now, I do not buy new clothes. If there is anything that I need I will replace something but not add to the wardrobe.
  • With a small number of items in my capsule wardrobe, I intentionally invested in the best quality clothing that I could.
  • I wanted my capsule wardrobe to be very travel friendly so I went with fabrics like smart wool or merino wool These fabrics are known for drying quickly, being anti-microbial (don’t stink), wrinkle free, etc.  I basically made all of my shirts merino wool except for a few tees and the tank tops.

why a capsule wardrobe - mrcarryon.com

These clothes represent my favorite pieces.

  • They are the most comfortable
  • They are quality materials that are mostly merino wool (or at least not cotton)
  • They are versatile with every other piece.

By creating a capsule wardrobe, I was able to downsize to these two drawers in my dresser and barely half of my closet.  I’m also able to pack away everything in a carryon bag and GO! Surely this isn’t for everyone, but I like it!

*Not pictured here are socks/underwear and a small packable down jacket to be layered.  Also two scarves.

Outfit Count –Technically, all of the items in my capsule wardrop create a grand total of 82 outfits. Thats 18 shirts across 3 pants and 4 shorts (across 6 tank tops). And that’s not including the 3 other shorts across the 8 T shirts for an additional 24 outfits.   Therefore, I have a total of 106 outfits.  Good stuff right!?!

Have you ever considered creating a capsule wardrobe? Why or why not?

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