#TeamCarryOn Tools – Your Travel Toiletries

 So you’re still not #TeamCarryOn?  Here’s a quick tip for you! One of the most important aspects of being #TeamCarryOn is preparedness.  

One of the ways I achieve that, aside from my minimalism and my capsule wardrobe is to always have my toiletries packed and ready to go.  I certainly recognize that as a bald man, my routine, and required products are far less than that of women.  However, the concept is the same and still applies. 

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If your toiletries are always packed and ready to go, it makes it that much easier to pack quickly. It removes the hassle and chore of packing for a trip, no matter the length.  The best piece of advice that I can give you is to repack your toiletries as soon as you return from a trip, so that they are ready to go for the next trip.  Hopefully, it goes without saying that travel sized containers are necessary and should not exceed 3.4 ounces per TSA guidelines.   Often times, you can get away with several more travel size bottles, but you should at least ensure that they are the correct size.

What’s in your toiletry bag? Is it ready to go right now?

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