What Is A Travel Uniform?

One of the keys to living a minimalist lifestyle and to being #TeamCarryOn is developing a Travel Uniform. A “Travel Uniform” is a term you will hear me say time and time again. It is one of

In order to develop your travel uniform, you must get to a place where you know WHAT YOU WEAR, you know WHAT YOU LIKE and you know WHAT FEELS GOOD. I call this knowing your travel uniform.

If you know you’re going to a particular place or part of the world or to a particular climate, you will want to know what your travel uniform is so as to increase the efficiency and ease of your packing ritual.

I travel all over the world, though typically I’m traveling to warm weather places. This means my travel uniform consist of shorts and tank tops. If you look at any of my pictures and albums, you see I’m wearing shorts and a tank top. I can pack in just a few minutes because I wear the same things over and over on my trips. Shorts and a tank tops. Here and there, I may throw in a long sleeve button down or pants.

I’ve heard some people say that don’t want to wear the same travel uniform as they want to have a travel fashion variety in their pictures. There are some who may even look at my images and say,  “Oh he was in Greece with that tank top. He was in Istanbul with that tank top. He was in China with that tank top.” Yeah, it’s true, I was in all those places with that tank top. But guess what? I was in Istanbul, Greece and China! I’m not worried about someone thinking I had the same thing on. Its more about the destination for me.

I even incorporate my travel uniform into my travel souvenir. Instead of buying trinkets and magnets. I buy a tank top that says the location I visited. That’s my souvenir. And as I travel, I wear those pieces. I have a souvenir and I have  an addition to my travel uniform.

Honestly, no one cares what you are wearing unless you’re traveling to a destination for a particular event or you’re traveling to a fancy place with a dress code. Other than that, no one cares. They are too busy exploring and so are you. With my travel uniform, I’m always ready to go. How about you?

Do you have a travel uniform?

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