Reader Question: I Need Tips On How to Pack Quickly


I received notification that one of my clients, Sheena LaShay, needed advice on packing for a weekend trip to Atlanta where she was completing a Tough Mudder challenge. I had consulted with Sheena earlier in the year as she wanted to only pack a backpack for a two week SouthEast Asia excursion. Therefore, she’s pretty well versed in traveling light. Her latest question was different, however. She had procrastinated regarding an upcoming trip and wanted my advice on packing quickly. Check out her question below and my advice and tips!

Sheena LaShay Question: What I need next from Mr. CarryOn….. tips on how to pack quickly. Never mind that I waited until the last minute. Never mind that I have to sort through a still packed bag from traveling last week. Never mind maybe I forgot to do laundry. Let’s never mind logic and common sense. How do I motivate myself to How do I motivate myself to pack and do it quickly with strategic focus? I mean, common sense is I need a full time I mean, common sense is I need a full-time butler but until I get him, what say you?

How do I motivate myself to pack and do it quickly with strategic focus?

Mr. CarryOn Answer: So in short, you don’t motivate yourself. You just do it and you do it methodically so that you don’t forget anything. You already have your toiletries so you’re good there. The rest should be packed the same way every time.  I always start with any under garments I may need. Then shirts based on weather and what I will be doing. Then pants or shorts that match the shirts. Lastly, anything else that I need to have for travel that’s not clothes. I guess I don’t think about packing too much or view it as a chore. Usually, I have on some music and just get through it quickly and I’m thinking about enjoying the upcoming trip

Do you have methods to packing? Do you struggle to motivate yourself? Are you the type to pack well in advance of an upcoming trip or do you wait until the last minute? I want to hear from you. Also, what advice would you have given Sheena? 


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