How to Be Team CarryOn

In a recent Facebook Live video, that was simultaneously filmed on Periscope and then added to Youtube too, I share my basic tips so that you can learn how to be #TeamCarryOn. I highly suggest watching the video but if you don’t have time, I share below some of the overall tips. Further explanations of each are within the video.

If you’re wondering what qualifies me for being the expert of Team CarryOn or why Evita Robinson would tell Essence Magazine, “You need to follow Mr CarryOn….Khalif Hayes. Khalif is a beast. He is known on the internet at Mr. CarryOn. He is the king of packing cubes,” its because of the following:

  • My Travel Experience. I have traveled to over 40 countries from Europe to Africa to the Middle East.
  • Trial and Error. When I first began traveling, I made so many mistakes when it came to packing. This seldom happens now.
  • My Passion and Desire. I don’t live this way because I have to. I live this way because I want to.
  • My “Scientific” Formula. As this video shows, I have a system and philosophy to packing.

The less stuff I have, the easier it is to pack. I want to make my life simpler. – Mr CarryOn

Tips On How to Be Team CarryOn

  1. Check the temperature of where you are going. This determines what you need to pack.
  2. Invest in the quality luggage. My go-to brand is Eagle Creek.
  3. Wear your bulky items and dress in layers on the flight. This means less things inside your luggage.
  4. Your itinerary matters. Know what you plan on doing. This is one of the biggest mistake people make. Of course things change, things come up and you change your mind but having an idea of what you’re doing, influences what you bring.
  5. Forget “just in case.” Packing for “just in case” leads to over packing and this is your downfall. When you over pack, it is also extra weight. And in some cases, you also have to pay more for baggage fees.
  6. Develop a Travel Uniform. I can pack in a few minutes because I know my uniform. I know where I’m going, what I like and what I’m doing.
  7. You have to limit your shoes. For majority of your travel experiences, you don’t need more than three shoes. Also, wear your heaviest set of shoes during your flight.
  8. Keep Your Toiletries Ready to Go. As soon as you return from a trip, fill your travel size containers back up, so that you are ready to go.
  9. Ranger Roll in a Packing Cubes. If you’re concerned about wrinkled clothing, skip the travel iron. Learn to ranger roll. Here’s a quick video.
  10. Live a Minimalist Life. When you live a simplistic yet purposeful life that is reflected in your home and throughout your closet it actually helps you to pack in a carryon way. The less stuff I have, the easier it is to pack. I want to make my life simpler
  11. Invest in a Capsule Wardrobe. This means having a set number of items that all work together.

What prevents you from being Team CarryOn?

I bet I can help. Of course, on my blog I offer many free tips and suggestions. However, you can also book a consultation with me where we really go in depth regarding your life and how you pack. My packages can be found here.

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