Mr CarryOn’s Best Packing Hacks and Tips

I am a member of Up in the Air Travel, which is an upscale travel company dedicated to social adventures. Within our private facebook group, members were asked to share their best packing hacks and tips. These were some of mine.

One, Packing cubes are the bees knees and a great start to packing like a pro. I was able to pack stylish options for a weekend getaway with my minimalistic approach.

Second, and super important, don’t overpack. That’s a concept that everyone can understand but not always execute. You have to be willing to not pack 3 outfits a day and pack for the just in case. This means not taking your entire wardrobe with you. Learn to pack clothes in the same color scheme so that you can mix and match the items and also cut down on shoes. This also means being ok if you rock a shirt or pair of shorts twice on the trip. Really, no one is looking at your clothes that tough.

Third, learn what your “uniform” is! Meaning develop a sense of what you like to travel in and wear while traveling. This makes packing much easier and you will always feel comfortable.

Fourth, learn how to pack your toiletries. Purchase travel size containers, 3.4 ounces or less. Refill them bad boys as soon as you come back from a trip, so you are always ready to go.

Over the coming months, I will share in greater depth my philosophies and tricks on determining your travel uniform, why packing tips rock, secrets to travel toiletries and more.


What are your best packing tips and hacks?

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