Surprisingly, Spirit Airlines Can Actually Be Great

I flew my first Spirit Airlines flight and I wanted to share my experience.

First off, I had a great flight. It was a short flight from SAN to LAS. I believe that Spirit Airlines is great for short flights/stays where you just need the transportation and are not looking for anything extra. Once on the flight, I read their “this is how we fly” card, and it all made sense. The card also explains why most people say that Spirit Airlines will nickel and dime you for more money. They don’t! Well, they do but that’s only if you are trying to do anything more than have a seat!

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Here are my tips!

1. Know what you’re getting into. Don’t expect a movie, wifi, a drink and peanuts (unless you pay for them) or anything *included.
2. Book an exit row seat. Spirit seats are smaller than regular seats but the exit row has to be larger because it’s the exit. See picture. There’s plenty of room. Also, exit row is the only row that the seats recline. ‪
3. Be aware of their packing regulations. Spirit Airlines charges for a regular carry on bag. Purchase it online for $30ish. Don’t think you’re gonna get past them and just get on with your carry on at the gate. It will cost you $100. Don’t be that guy!
4. Depending on the length of the trip, maybe you can get away with just a small bag or backpack. I’d suggest this if you can make it work. I took a backpack and had no issues. This counts as your personal item which is free. 16 x 14 x 12 is the size restriction.
5. *Not included on Spirit Airlines. Drinks, food, water – none of that is included and you will have to purchase either before hand or on the flight. If its a short flight, just wait! You won’t die of starvation.
6. Print your boarding pass!! I haven’t printed a boarding pass in years but I made sure I had mine printed before the flight. If you don’t, they will charge you.

Those are my simple tips. Have you flown Spirit Airlines with realistic expectations? What was your experience?


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